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Seasoned Logs & Kindling

Standard size logs £95m3
Small Logs £100m3
Kindling £5

• Eco firelighters ask for pricing 

Barrowing and stacking, and extra-large logs available on request.

Call: 07854 931 087

The species of timber vary each year but we usually sell a mix of oak, ash, birch, hornbeam, beech and hazel.

We believe strongly that all our timber is grown as locally as possible and is harvested as part of a comprehensive, ecological woodland management plan. Most of the timber comes from estates that we manage ourselves, and a small proportion we buy in cordwood from other local foresters whom we trust. We know the provenance of every load.

We choose not to kiln dry our logs; all our timber is air-dried and, although this is slower, it is a method that is environmentally and ecologically kinder. Wherever possible we leave timber in cordwood lengths in the woodlands for up to 12 months depending on when the wood was felled. This is where the drying process starts and also gives us the opportunity to create important habitat. Once ground conditions are dry enough the timber is extracted and stored in our yard until we process it into the barn for the final stage of drying before delivery.